performing cosmetic treatments for over 20 years

Appearance Medicine that looks natural.


Are people saying that you look tired?

The Appearance Medicine Team have over 40 years combined experience in Appearance Medicine. Treating the tear trough with a dermal filler is a 30 minute procedure that is an instant result to looking fresher and less tired.

Want a lift but not a facelift?

With new generation dermal fillers the Appearance Medicine Team can restore the youthful curves in your face to make you look well for your age.

Are you confused about Skincare and the hype that goes with it?

Come and see us for a complimentary consultation to discuss your skincare needs. The Appearance Medicine Team have a specific interest in cosmetic chemistry and will help you learn which key ingredients are important in your skincare.


It is not about removing every line in a 50+ face, but looking at where gravity is having an effect on the face and restoring loss of volume.


Appearance Medicine that looks natural