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Lips that look naturally beautiful

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Gently smiling and youthful lips are an essential component of a beautiful face and have been admired by men and women of every culture and ethnic group over the ages. It is important to remember that every lip shape is different. We may not all be blessed with an enviable pout, but it is possible to enhance what we’ve got!

Women choose from a huge range of lipsticks and lip glosses to enhance their appearance and often apply lipstick many times throughout the day. Eventually, the effects of time, hormonal changes and sun exposure can no longer be disguised by cosmetics.

As time goes by, we may notice changes in the shape of our lips. With age, they may begin to lose fullness. Our lips may appear thinner and elongated, leaving them less defined. We may also notice the appearance and deepening of vertical lip lines around the border of the mouth. These lines are commonly known as ‘smoker’s lines’ and develop over a number of years, through the repeated pursing of lips, such as when you smoke or suck on a straw. We also notice lines at the corner of the mouth known as a ‘mouth frown’. These lines often make us look sad.

Fortunately, dermal fillers can reverse these ageing changes, although it’s important not to overdo these. You want to look great for your age rather than artificially 20 or 30 years younger.

I aim for a natural appearance – a small roll on the border of a rounded lip, volume in the body of the lip, diminished lines on the top lip, a gently accentuated cupid’s bow and uplifted corners of the mouth.

Dermal fillers can be used to make thinning lips appear fuller, but it’s important to make sure they still suit your face and genetic makeup. Your lips need to be part of your face!

The art in creating youthful lips that belong to your face, involves a good eye. At age 50, they do not need to look like they should belong on a 20-year-old face.

A lip enhancement procedure usually takes about 30 minutes. As the injections can be painful, the procedure often starts by applying a numbing cream or injecting local anaes- thetic into the area to be treated. Some dermal fillers contain local anaesthetic.

At Tristram Clinic, I have a variety of dermal fillers to choose from. Most are made from hyaluronic acid (HA), a complex sugar that is a normal component of human skin. My choice of dermal filler depends on the shape of the existing lip and the desired enhancement. It truly is like being an artist and sculpturing lips to look balanced and natural is a true art.

After a lip enhancement procedure, you can expect some swelling for a day or so and occasional bruising. The results are immediate.

Generally lip enhancement lasts from between 4-9 months but there is considerable variation between individuals. It can be repeated as required. The price of a lip enhancement treatment can range from $478 to $765.