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Celebrating 20 years

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Tristram Clinic celebrates 20 years of appearance medicine


Increasing numbers of Kiwi men and women are discovering the benefits of cosmetic procedures like BOTOX®, lasers and dermal fillers. “It’s Hamilton’s best-kept secret,” says Sonya Ferguson, who has been offering appearance medicine at Tristram Clinic for 20 years. “Most older patients choose to keep it private, but I find women in their 20s or 30s don’t mind telling a few close friends. I’m also seeing far more men than I used to; they usually want to look less tired.” Celebrating its 20th anniversary this month, the Tristram Appearance Medicine Centre is regarded as one of New Zealand’s best.

“It’s such an advantage for our patients to be treated at a medical clinic alongside qualified plastic surgeons and dermatologists,” says Sonya, a specialist aesthetic nurse. Over the past two decades, appearance medicine has transformed dramatically. “Back then all we could offer patients for treating their wrinkles was bovine collagen injections. I had to do two separate allergy skin tests and then wait four weeks before I could start.

“Today we use dermal fillers containing hyaluronic acid, a natural component of skin that can be safely injected immediately.” Dermal fillers are used to gently ‘sculpt’ the face and restore a fresher, younger-looking appearance; often delaying the need for a facelift. Sonya says fillers are a great solution for lifting the cheeks or a sagging jawline, filling the tear trough below the eye, restoring volume to the mid-face, softening nasolabial folds, boosting thin lips, smoothing out scars, or improving the profile of a weak nose or chin. BOTOX® is another quick, cost-effective treatment that’s ideal for men and women who want to soften their frown, forehead, or crow’s feet lines. The staff at Tristram Appearance Medicine Centre are passionate about helping their patients look and feel more confident.

“We believe the results should be completely naturallooking. We want our patients to look fresh, healthy and happy. Less is definitely best; no-one should be able to guess you’ve had any work done.”

Sonya says the best part of her job is seeing patients’ faces light up when they look in the mirror. “They say ‘wow, I never thought that was possible! Those lines have bothered me for years; I wish I’d done this sooner.’ I get hugs from patients all day long; it’s so uplifting.”

Your initial consultation to discuss any appearance medicine procedure –BOTOX®, dermal fillers, lasers or beauty therapies – is completely free.

“That takes the fear out of it and gives you the opportunity to ask lots of questions,” says Sonya. “We actually prefer people to go away and think about it before they make a decision.”

Staff are now looking forward to the July 30 formal opening of Tristram Clinic’s brand-new premises at 200 Collingwood Street.

Meet Stella Wilkins

A new addition to the team at Tristram Clinic is Stella Wilkins, a highly skilled nurse who has been practising appearance medicine in New Zealand and Australia for more than a decade. Stella is available to see patients for BOTOX® and dermal filler treatments twice a week, including Saturdays. She is very impressed with the modern facilities and advanced  techniques being used at Tristram.

“All of the staff are very professional; from a patient’s point of view I would feel very comfortable coming here,” says Stella. There are many reasons why people come to see her. “Some have scars resulting from an accident or surgery, while others may have survived a serious illness and want to rebuild their confidence.”

“Ageing happens to all of us but with cosmetic treatments we can slow it down significantly. It’s just maintenance really, a bit like going to see your hairdresser.”

Sonya and Stella are the first two registered nurses from New Zealand to attend a facial anatomy training course run by Sydney Medical School, previously only open to doctors and surgeons. “We’re both passionate about upgrading our training and skills, because the trends in appearance medicine change so fast,” says Stella. “Training and patient safety are extremely important to my professional ethics.” These days she does a lot of work using mid-face dermal fillers. “The results are subtle but it gives people this incredible difference. Younger women want to achieve the glamour touch, while older women want to restore the volume they used to have.” tristram staff 2

Laser and beauty services

The team at Tristram Appearance Medicine Centre includes two other talented women, Megan Lyons and Deborah Downey. Megan Lyons is a recognised expert in cosmetic lasers such as Quantum IPL, Fraxel, Pearl and LaserGenesis using the Cutera laser. These can be used to treat unwanted freckles, pigmentation, unwanted hair, facial red veins, spider veins, to soften scars, and for collagen rejuvenation and facial resurfacing.

Deborah Downey has more than 20 years’ experience as a beauty therapist. She offers microdermabrasion, facial peels, dermal needling, semi-permanent makeup (micro pigmentation), mineral makeup, brow design and threading. Another new service available at Tristram Clinic on Saturdays is laser tattoo removal with Michelle Wyper. To make an appointment with any of these experts please contact 07 838-1035.

For more details, please see or phone 07 838-1035 to make an appointment.

Story Courtesy of the Waikato Times