performing cosmetic treatments for over 20 years

Maddy McNicoll – Registered Nurse


Madeleine McNicoll has recently joined the appearance medicine team at Tristam clinic in July 2015 and has undertaken extensive training while starting her career as a new injector. She is continuing to grow her client base and is excited to meet new clients and work with them to achieve natural looking enhancements and develop personalised beauty plans.

Madeleine is continuing to develop her skills by attending national and international conferences and workshops and is up to date with the newest trends and products available. Her passion in appearance medicine is working with dermal fillers, especially lip and cheek enhancements as she loves to see youthfulness and subtle de ageing results. She is enthusiastic about botulinum toxin treatments and loves to see natural looking refreshments in a client’s face and the effects this has on their self-esteem.

Madeleine is working alongside two very experienced appearance nurses and takes advantage of her support from the available plastic surgeons and dermatologist. It is important to emphasize that a client of Madeleine’s would be very safe having an appearance medicine procedure at Tristram clinic.

Madeleine is taking new clients and welcomes anybody to come in for a free consultation with her. She is currently specialising in botulinum toxin, dermal fillers and skin care products.

You can contact Madeleine at Tristram Clinic by calling reception on 07 838-1035 or by email at