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Pigmentation and Skin Rejuvenation


At the Tristram Appearance Medicine Centre we use the Quantum IPL machine to treat pigmentation, brown spots and skin rejuvenation.

IPL is designed to produce a pulse of light. This pulse of light is turned into heat energy and is attracted to different targets in the skin. Using different filters, these target areas can be specifically treated.

Before an IPL treatment, you will undergo a full consultation to establish your suitability for treatment. It is recommended not to have an IPL pigmentation treatment during the summer months and not to be tanned or have artificial tan on your face. This can cause unwanted side effects.

Immediately after IPL we expect your pigmentation to darken but start to fade after 10 days. Sunblock is essential after every treatment whether it is summer or winter, as you can be more sensitive to sun exposure post treatment for 6 weeks.

Treatments are recommended at 4 weekly intervals and usually 3 to 4 treatments are required for pigmentation and skin rejuvenation.

A full-face pigmentation IPL treatment costs $360.00 but smaller areas as quoted at your consultation.