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Skin Colour, Texture, Wrinkles and Skin Tone


At the Tristram Appearance Medicine Centre we use the Cutera Laser to perform  Pearl treatments.

The Pearl treatment is unique in the way it combines the impact of laser resurfacing with the gentleness and safety of a non–invasive procedure to treat aging and sun damaged skin. The Pearl procedure reduces wrinkles, pore size, uneven skin tone, texture and sun damage. The laser targets the top layer of skin, delivering pulses of light that target water in the skin cells.

Before a Pearl procedure an anaesthetic cream is applied to the skin to assist with making the procedure comfortable. The procedure itself usually takes 20-30 minutes. Immediately afterwards, it is recommended that you spend the next 3-5 days at home away from any sun exposure. After 3-4 days the treated skin sloughs off leaving healthy, glowing Pearl like skin. Make up and sunblock may be applied on day 5.

Usually just one treatment is required, but a subsequent treatment can be performed at 6 weeks if desired.

The cost per treatment is $1,600 which includes post treatment medications.